A First Glimpse of the Cybergram Beta

March 26, 2020

Introducing the Cybergram Beta: a first glimpse of the world's only diagram digitization platform.

Diagram digitization? What's that?

You've probably had to scan a document before. If you wanted to edit the text on this document, you'd have to use optical character recognition (OCR) software to make the text editable. This is known as document digitization. The alternative to this is transcibing the entire document by hand. There's a clear winner here unless you're trying to improve your typing skills.

What happens to diagrams when you digitize a document? The most advanced digitizers simply treat the diagram like any other image in the document. They simply copy and paste the diagram as an image into the digitized document. Not very advanced, is it? If you want to edit this diagram later, your only option is to recreate it from scratch.

This is where Cybergram steps in. It treats diagrams in a document just like text. This allows every aspect of the diagram to be modified to the same degree as you would expect from a diagram editor.

Why would I use this?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Cybergram's digitization platform is the time and effort saved in creating digitial diagrams. We took the following diagram sketch and compared the times taken to recreate it by:

  • Digitizing the sketch using the Cybergram platform.
  • Creating a digital replica from scratch using a well-known diagram editing application.

Using the well-know diagram editing application, it took around 3 minutes to produce a rough replica. Using Cybergram, it took 2 seconds to produce a near-identical digitial copy. Below are the results from both approaches:


Diagramming application:

While the diagram recreated in the editor maintains the same information as the original sketch, much of the original structure has been lost. Further time would have to be invested to accurately replicate the sketch. With Cybergram, all of the structural information is preserved automatically. Even though Cybergram preserves all the irregularities of the sketch, Cybergram's diagram editor gives you the tools to swiftly tidy up a digitized diagram.

To sum it up: if you want an exact digital copy of a diagram in seconds, use Cybergram.

What will be in the beta?

For the beta, we'll be exposing the core Cybergram technology for you to try for yourself. This includes:

  • Diagram recognition for common flowchart shapes.
  • A powerful editor to modify your diagram once it has been digitized.

We'll be using this beta phase to gather feedback on how we can make the platform better for everyone once it is fully released. If you want to play a pivotal role in how this platform evolves, sign-ups for the beta phase are still open.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Head on over to the beta sign-up. In doing so, you'll be one of the first to experience the Cybergram platform. We'll keep you regularly updated on the progress of the Cybergram beta, including its release date.

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